Monday, February 6

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Carolyn Petit’s Top 5 Games Of 2022

Photoshop is my true Elden Ring, and I haven’t gotten gud yet.Image: FromSoftware / KotakuIn recent years, it’s become harder and harder for me to make the kinds of in-depth, year-end personal best lists that I once prided myself on. That newfound difficulty is for one reason: I’m not playing as many games. This year, there are so many games I either didn’t play at all or didn’t spend enough time with that may have earned a place on this list if only I’d given them more of a chance. Those games include (but are not limited to) Perfect Tides, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Pentiment, Citizen Sleeper, and Norco. I’m sorry I didn’t make time for you this year. I’m sure some of you, at least, are great.So I’m keeping this year’s list to a tight five, acknowledging that it might have looked very diffe...