Friday, February 3

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Video Games Are Eternal In Gabrielle Zevin’s Crushing New Novel

Screenshot: DONTNOD Entertainment, Feral InteractiveWe will never find the Fountain of Youth people fantasized about centuries ago, but, out of our woe, we can make games. Games let you live again and again in eternally perfect, preternaturally strong bodies, and for the friends in novelist Gabrielle Zevin’s latest book Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, this is more than enough.A “game,” to them—and to Zevin—is everything. From the 80’s to early 2010’s, Sam (mother died in a car accident, Harvard math dropout, good in front of crowds), Sadie (doesn’t believe in marriage, MIT game design wunderkind, prone to working crunch hours), and, for a time, Marx (rich, handsome, Harvard-roommate-turned-game-producer) come together because of games. To them, playtime is personal, political, and th...

17 NSFW Anime And Manga To Check Out For The ‘Plot’

Kotaku: the okaku of culture’s guide.Image: Aniplex of America / Trigger / Sentai Filmworks / Diomedéa / Passione / KotakuAnime as a medium has the power to cross physical and cultural barriers through its transformative stories and evocative art styles. To this day, legacy anime like Astro Boy, Akira, and Dragon Ball Z’s inspire modern popular media through their iconic characters and genre-defining stories. You don’t get that kind of influence without a healthy dose of plot. I’m not talking about your parent’s idea of plot, dear reader. I’m talking about that spice melange, that watch-after-dark kinda plot.Ask an anime aficionado if they also watch those pervy shows that crop up during seasonal release line-ups and they’ll likely serve you a bold-face lie to save face. But they’ve likely...