Thursday, April 25

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EVO 2022 Loses Its Mind Over Hype Dragon Ball FighterZ Moment

The Evolution Championship Series, commonly shortened to EVO, took place over the weekend. Dedicated to all things fighting games, during this year’s EVO I saw copious hype moments, from amazing comebacks to unstoppable combos and everything in between. Just as you’d expect. But there was one instance during the Dragon Ball FighterZ rounds that had folks totally losing their shit.If you’re unfamiliar with the “Cell Yell,” during his intro sequence, after both players have selected their teams and Cell’s on point, the franchise baddie will open the match with his iconic yell. You know the one. He’s in his perfect form, charging up his power like he’s gonna Kamehameha teen Gohan or something.Read More: Rollback Netcode Announcements Made For Multiple Fighting Games At EVO 2022Anyway, this sc...