Monday, December 4

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Hands Of Necromancy Is So Good It Could’ve Been Hexen III

Screenshot: HON Team / KotakuIn the mood for a retro-style FPS, I dug around the new releases on Steam, and poked at a few, not really clicking. Until, that is, I found Hands Of Necromancy, and then played it all weekend. This is a Hexen-like FPS, with enormous, sprawling maps, a whole bunch of weapons, an array of enemy types, and some fresh ideas original to the genre.In three chapters, like all such games should be, the game’s 21 maps are spread between these via three hubs. Each hub has a collection of portals, unlocked by completing tasks in one or another, and dashing between them all as you find keys, new abilities, and so on. It gives it a little flavour of Metroid in amongst the fast-paced frenetic combat and exploration.Buried Treasure This article originally appeared on Buried...