Wednesday, July 6

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Sony Hiring Emulation Engineer Suggesting Hope For PS3 On PS5

Image: SonyA new job ad, reported by PlayStation Lifestyle after being spotted on ResetEra, strongly suggests that Sony might be trying to hire an engineer to get its PS3 emulation sorted. There’s also rumor of getting old PS3 peripherals working on the new machine. Which would all be such a relief.If you have partaken of Sony’s relaunched PlayStation Plus for the PS4 and PS5, you’ll have noticed that when exploring the 400+ games in its extensive archives, everything on PS3 has to be streamed. And oh man, the streaming sucks.The PS5 has, so far, been incapable of running PS3 emulation, which makes for a massive bummer when it comes to missing out on that entire generation of games on modern machines. The rebooted PS+ offers the option to download games from the PS1, PSP, PS2, PS4, and of ...

Dude Builds A Working Xbox Series X That’s Over Six-Foot Tall

What is this, a series now? One guy builds a tiny little PS5 so someone else has to go out and build an enormous Xbox Series X?(Obviously not, it’s just weird we’ve got two of these kind of things in one week!)Michael Pick, aka The Casual Engineer, was inspired by Microsoft’s own attempts at turning the Xbox Series X into a fridge, but then equally frustrated that the larger novelty console didn’t actually work as a console anymore. So he set out to make something even bigger, and this time, build something that was still a functional video game console.The result? This enormous Xbox Series X that stands over 2m (6'5") tall and 1m (3') wide. And OK, while this took less hardware sorcery than shrinking a PS5 into a case that was only one inch wide, there’s still an impressive level of craft...

Microsoft Claims 50 Games Coming To Xbox In 2022 And 2023

Microsoft aired this graphic during its annual Xbox press conference.Screenshot: Microsoft / KotakuSix months into the year, Xbox’s release calendar is looking slim. Fresh off the heels of an absolutely banger 2021, Microsoft hasn’t released a single first-party tentpole in 2022. But that’s all set to change, Microsoft assured viewers today during its big splashy marketing showcase about big splashy games on the horizon.Halfway through today’s show—which offered long-awaited gameplay reveals for feverishly anticipated games like Starfield and Redfall—Xbox boss Phil Spencer showed off a graphic indicating 50 new games would come to Xbox within the next year. Xbox’s official social media feed tweeted out a slightly altered version of the graphic after the showcase ended:There are some minor ...

Kinect Creator Resigns After Watching ‘VR Porn’ At Work

Photo: Gabriel Bouys (Getty Images)Alex Kipman, a longtime Microsoft executive, is leaving the company after 21 years due to numerous misconduct allegations, Insider reports. The accusations include inappropriately touching female employees and watching what one witness described as “VR porn” at work.Many in the gaming world may recognize Kipman from Xbox motion-sensing accessory Kinect, on which he guided development leading up to its 2009 debut. Microsoft touted the Xbox 360 (and eventually Xbox One) peripheral as the next big thing in gaming at launch, but Kinect was officially put out to pasture in 2017 after not achieving the critical and commercial success Microsoft no doubt envisioned for it.Kipman later took on a similar role in the creation of the HoloLens, mixed-reality smart gla...

PS5 Pro And Next Xbox Series X/S: The Rumors, Explained

Photo: Diego Thomazini (Shutterstock)It feels like the current console generation is only just getting started, and yet, a corner of the internet spent a good part of this week obsessing over the next iteration, the presumed mid-generation hardware refreshes for Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. The commotion is all thanks to an event hosted by TV maker TCL, as first reported by Polish news site PPE.This current console generation officially kicked off in November 2020, with Microsoft’s release of not one but two next-gen machines. The Xbox Series X is the flagship, capable of rendering games at 4K resolution and running them at frame rates of 60 fps. Alongside the Series X came the smaller Xbox Series S (though not capable of hitting 4K, it’s still a reliable little Ga...