Friday, June 2

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Halo Voice Actor Directs Nutty Biden Film FT Ex-Star Wars Lead

Image: The Unreported Society / 343 Industries / Halopedia / KotakuOver the weekend, a trailer for a blatantly right-wing biopic about president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, made the rounds. It looks all kinds of bonkers. Also, it’s directed by a voice actor from Bungie’s Halo trilogy. Hey, let’s all give it up for the gaming angle!The film, titled My Son Hunter, has been threatened since late last year. It’s being brought to us by production company The Unreported Society, which “strives to broadcast truth that the media tries to cover up.” (Former projects including ObamaGate the Movie and a podcast about the Harvey Weinstein trial.) My Son Hunter stars London mayoral hopeful (1.9% of the vote) Laurence Fox in the titular role, with ‘80s soap star John James playing Joe Biden. Actor an...
Commission votes to reduce mountain lion populations in NW Montana | 406 Politics

Commission votes to reduce mountain lion populations in NW Montana | 406 Politics

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission on Wednesday adopted quotas for hunting mountain lions during the upcoming season, including an effort to decrease populations by 12.5% across a swath of northwest Montana.Earlier this year, the commission adopted significant changes to mountain lion regulations. Hunters may apply for either a limited permit for an area allowing hunting for the entirety of the season, or an unlimited regional permit that will be hunted on a quota.Previously seasons varied by region, with northwest Montana’s Region 1 managed by special permit; west-central’s Region 2 managed by a hybrid of special permit followed by a quota hunt for any lions not killed by permit hunters; and the remainder of the state under a quota system.With the commission’s adopt...