Thursday, February 2

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Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 Has Now Changed Its Very Bad Logo

When Street Fighter 6 was first unveiled earlier this year, one of the weirdest and most noteworthy things about its otherwise unremarkable trailer was the game’s logo. Which, as I said at the time, looked a lot like a piece of clipart.If you missed it, here is the Street Fighter 6 logo as it was shown off in February on the left, while on the right is a piece of clipart available commercially from Adobe for $80.Image: CapcomConsidering the series’ long and proud history with badass logos, this was a huge disappointment! I mean, look at these babies!Image: CapcomG/O Media may get a commission30-Day Free TrialHomer Learn & Grow ProgramStimulate your kids' mindsYour little ones are glued to the screen, and that's a reality we have to accept. But what if they could learn and grow while wa...

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund Now Owns 5% Of Nintendo

Image: NintendoSaudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, a near-bottomless pit of cash tasked with diversifying the nation’s economy (and whitewashing their human rights record), has acquired a 5.01% stake in Nintendo.The news was announced in a filing made with Japan’s Finance Ministry, Bloomberg reports. It follows similar investments made last year in Capcom, EA, Take-Two and Activision, along with almost complete ownership of SNK. Bloomberg says this would make the Public Investment Fund the company’s “fifth-largest shareholder”. If this is the first time you’ve encountered this kind of money, know that the PIF fucking sucks, as does the man running it, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As Ian wrote just last month:Saudi Arabia spent the last year throwing money around the video gam...