Saturday, September 23



Esports Owner Wanted By Police After $33 Million Drug Bust

Bernard “Bren” Chong, a coffee magnate, app entrepreneur and owner of the Bren Esports team, has been accused by Filipino authorities of being part of a P1.87 billion (USD$33 million) drug bust in Manila.As The Daily Tribune report, The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have “launched a manhunt” after Chong was found to be one of the owners of a shipping company that stands accused of trying to import “shabu” (the local slang for meth) through the Manila International Container Port back in 2019.Fortuneyield Cargo Services Corporation, of which Chong is one of the owners, allegedly paid for both the container deposit and the freight costs for the drugs, leading the NBI to say “It would be impossible for these payments of significant amounts to be made without the general manager’s kno...