Friday, February 3

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Brands have fled Kanye. What about his music career?

Brands have fled Kanye. What about his music career?

New York CNN Business  —  Ye — formerly known as Kanye West — has lost partnerships with fashion brands including Gap, Balenciaga and Adidas following his antisemitic comments in recent weeks. Now, questions remain about the business that helped propel Ye onto the fashion scene in the first place: Music. Since 2004’s “The College Dropout” — his critically acclaimed and commercially successful debut album — Ye has been one of the most popular and notable artists in the world. He has had countless hits and 10 number-one albums, according to Billboard. But all of that could be at risk due to the performer’s recent behavior and comments. Over the past month, Ye has garnered an intense backla...

Twitch Isn’t ‘Fulfilling’ Anymore, Will Stream Less

Screenshot: Pokimane / YouTubeAfter a more than one-month-long (and seemingly healthy) break from social media and content creation, Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys has returned to uploading content. But things will be different now. Pokimane dropped a new YouTube video today detailing her time away from the internet, talking about what she learned and what her viewers can expect from her going forward. Overall, it serves to illustrate how “creatively unfulfilling” Twitch’s second-biggest female broadcaster has found the business of livestreaming as of late.Pokimane has become a household name on Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. With 9.2 million followers there, Pokimane is second only to Amouranth. However, she’s been broadcasting herself playing games for almost a decad...