Sunday, February 5

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Could robots do the work of master marble sculptors? This one is “99%” there, according to its creator.

Carrara, Italy — A remarkable innovation is changing the way timeless art is created. For centuries, Italy's world-famous Carrara marble has been used to make some of the most iconic sculptures in history. It was the marble that iconic artists include Michelangelo and Canova spent hundreds of hours turning into masterpieces. Now, it is also the marble wrought into sculptures by "1L." The 13-foot zinc alloy robot is doing the work of an army of Renaissance sculptors, according to Giacomo Massari, the owner of Robotor, the company behind the invention. We watched as his creation worked to create another: a Venus sculpture. "I think it's going to take about four days," Massari told CBS News. The ROBOTOR company's 1L robot sculpts a ...