Monday, October 2

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Studio Ghibli Might Be Making A Baby Yoda Show

Image: Lucasfilm / DisneyStudio Ghibli, The famous Japanese animation studio behind classics like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away has spent the past few days teasing a possible collaboration with Lucasfilm and Star Wars on its official Twitter. And there’s some evidence that it might be a Baby Yoda aka Grogu show based on a previous leak and a new tease. 03:51Halo Infinite Winter Update's New Multiplayer MapsWednesday 4:38PMIf you are reading Kotaku, I likely don’t need to explain Studio Ghibli or Star Wars, but let’s just pretend for a moment that you have no idea what these things are. This will just take a second, be patient. Studio Ghibli is an incredibly popular animation studio that was founded in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. Since its creation, it’s gone on to produce beloved films, li...