Thursday, February 2

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Guy Gets Saved From Being Fired Over Gaming In The Best Way

Photo: Alberto Ortega/Europa Press (Getty Images)The union-oriented Twitter account Daily Union Elections asked the world in a recent tweet, “Union folks, what is the best grievance/[Unfair Labor Practice] that you’ve ever won?” And the world responded in kind. As a proud union girl myself, I thought a few stories stood out, but one came up above the rest—a worker accused of gaming on the job, saved because his work computer’s graphics card was too weak.“A member was accused of playing video games on his work computer,” union organizing director Erik Strobl said. “I got him cleared by proving conclusively that the employer-provided graphics card couldn’t handle the resource-hungry game his supervisor claimed to have seen.”“If you’re being accused of being a gamer, solve the problem like a ...

Diablo Devs Say Activision Back To Its Old Union-Busting Tricks

Image: BlizzardNearly two months after Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick announced the company would finally begin bargaining its first union contract with the Game Workers Alliance at Raven Software, staff at Blizzard Albany, currently working on Diablo IV, say the publisher is back to trying to union-bust. They accuse Activision Blizzard of rehiring the law firm Reed Smith to undermine their own organizing effort rather than voluntarily recognize the company’s second union.“Instead of following Microsoft’s lead and committing to a labor neutrality agreement, Activision has made the clear and conscious decision to deny us our basic labor rights while once again spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a union-busting firm,” Albany Game Workers Alliance, which is organizing for thi...

Nintendo Recognises Same-Sex Marriages, Even If Japan Doesn’t

Image: NintendoNintendo issued an update on the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives yesterday, and while this is normally a pretty stale kind of thing to read through as a fan, this particular publication had one thing that stood out.As spotted by Go Nintendo, in a section called Introduction of a Partnership System, Nintendo announces that as of March 2021 the company has had a policy whereby “same-sex partners” can enjoy the “same benefits as employees in an opposite-sex marriage”. That’s a big deal! While there have been attempts at both a national and municipal level in recent years to change this, it was only a few weeks ago that Japanese courts upheld a national ban on same-sex marriages, ruling them unconstitutional. In a case held in Osaka, and decided on Ju...

Former Nintendo Boss Reggie Tells Companies To ‘Embrace’ Unions

Photo: Allen Berezovsky (Getty Images)In an interview yesterday, former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about his thoughts on unions, which currently barely exist in the video game industry. Fils-Aime’s answer was not a ringing endorsement of unions, with the former exec saying they aren’t good or bad, just a situation to be dealt with. But he did add that companies should embrace unionization if their employees want it. Unionization is in the air, as yesterday, employees at Raven Software—a studio that works on Call of Duty Warzone—made history when its QA staff voted to unionize, becoming the first union at a large-scale, AAA video game company. This followed months of union-busting from parent company Activision Blizzard. As a result, some high-ranking video game ind...