Tuesday, November 28

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Bayonetta Voice Actress Urges Game Boycott Over ‘Insulting’ Pay

Screenshot: PlatinumGames / NintendoEarly in October, Japanese developer PlatinumGames, known for its action titles, told Game Informer that upcoming Switch exclusive Bayonetta 3 would not see voice actress Hellena Taylor reprise her iconic sultry role as the protagonist. Instead, Bayonetta’s english VA would now be Jennifer Hale, one of the industry’s most ubiquitous voice actresses who is known for roles like Commander Shepard. At the time, Platinum claimed that the replacement was due to “various overlapping circumstances” that made it “difficult” for Hellena to play Bayonetta once again. Over a week later, Taylor has gone on to social media to dispute Platinum’s account, suggesting that the studio wasn’t entirely being transparent about what actually happened.Rather than losing out on ...