Monday, January 30

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ANOTHER Guy Leaks Classified Military Documents In War Thunder

A Chinese Type 96 Main Battle TankPhoto: Anadolu Agency (Getty Images)Can you keep a secret? Of course you can, you’re an adult. Could you keep military secrets? If threatened with prison (or worse) for revealing them, I bet you could. So why, in God’s name, do people playing the tank video game War Thunder (of all things!) keep leaking classified military documents?To recap, this is somehow the third time I am writing this story. The first was in July 2021: The July case involved a player getting into an argument on the game’s forums about the in-game depiction of Britain’s Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank. To settle the disagreement, they posted what was essentially the tank’s manual, which was an enormously stupid thing to do—especially given it meant the UK’s Ministry of Defence soon got ...