Saturday, September 23

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First Ever Kingdom Hearts Fan Elected To US Congress In Florida

Maxwell FrostPhoto: The Washington Post (Getty Images)Amidst a sea of depressing, enraging, mildly promising and other election results tonight, one victory has proven to be truly inspiring. And it took place in Florida.In a state that has voted overwhelmingly in support of goons like Governor Ron DeSantis, Democrat Maxwell Frost won Florida’s 10th Congressional District—based mostly in Orlando—by a landslide, capturing 58.8% of the vote (at time of posting) against his nearest competitor, Republican Calvin Wimbish, on 39.7%.Frost’s victory is notable for a number of reasons. You’ll see him hailed in most reports as the “first member of Generation Z elected to Congress”, since he is just 25 years old, and don’t get me wrong, that’s an incredible achievement. But we’re here because Frost is...
Obama, on the Pennsylvania campaign trail, tells Democrats “sulking and moping is not an option”

Obama, on the Pennsylvania campaign trail, tells Democrats “sulking and moping is not an option”

The Democratic Party's most powerful voices warned Saturday that abortion, Social Security and democracy itself are at risk as they labored to overcome fierce political headwinds — and an ill-timed misstep from President Biden — over the final weekend of the high-stakes midterm elections."Sulking and moping is not an option," former President Barack Obama told several hundred voters on a blustery day in Pittsburgh."On Tuesday, let's make sure our country doesn't get set back 50 years," Obama said. "The only way to save democracy is if we, together, fight for it." Obama was the first president, but not last, to rally voters Saturday in Pennsylvania, a pivotal state as voters decide control of Congress and key statehouses. Polls across America will...