Wednesday, February 1

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Skyrim Player Recreates Themselves Perfectly With In-Game Face

The very first time I played Skyrim back in 2011 I rushed through the character creation and made a guy that ended up looking like Matt Pike, which ruled. The second time, though, I spent an age trying to put myself in the game and couldn’t get anywhere near it.I took photos of myself, I asked my wife for help, and while I could easily blame my weird face—it’s 70% forehead—for this, I am instead going to blame the limited tools available to me at the time. Given my hardships, then, it’s incredible to see how far character creation has come in the decade since the game’s release, because the pictures you’re seeing in this blog are an example of what players can do now (with a little bit of help, of course).This is AureliaRiddle, a Skyrim player who has achieved an almost complete likeness i...