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12 Games To Play After You’ve Beaten Game Pass Hit High On Life

Image: InsomniacIf you want: no comedy and more FPS gameplay with experimental weaponsPlayable on: Resistance 3 is streamable via PS Plus. Resistance: Fall of Man is locked to PS3 (discs are pretty cheap on eBay)The PS3 had a number of shooters that I’d totally categorize as hidden gems. Killzone, SOCOM, the second iteration of Metal Gear Online, and the Resistance trilogy. While these alien-blasting shooters from Insomniac never reached the popular appeal of a Halo or Call of Duty, they are definitely worth your time if you want a shooter with an arsenal of strange guns that make great use of secondary fire functions. The first and third games are perhaps closest to High on Life since you have access to all your guns via a weapon wheel (the second Resistance game ditched this for a more t...

Amazing New God of War Ragnarok Cosplay Brings Kratos To Life

We’ve featured German cosplayer Maul a ton of times on Kotaku, maybe more than any other individual cosplayer, and there’s a very good reason for that: just look at these photos. Halo Infinite Winter Update's New Multiplayer Maps09:15God of War Ragnarök's First Nine MinutesToday 4:04PMWhile he’s best known for his recurring takes on Geralt of Rivia, ranging from “being Geralt” to “being Geralt skateboarding in LA”, Maul has also done a ton of work—both paid (like this, this one’s an ad for PlayStation) and personal—on series like Dishonored, Cyberpunk and Metal Gear Solid as well. Today, though, we’re looking at his latest shoot, an incredible take on God of War’s Kratos for the release of Ragnarok that sees Maul (and his team) nailing just about everything, from the costume to the weather...

The 10 Most JRPG-Ass Songs To Grace The Weather Channel

When there are patches of clouds in the sky and you can see the sun, it is not going to storm.Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / tomazl (Getty Images)Some might say the best way to predict the weather is to look out your window, but thanks to modern-day technology like The Weather Channel, we can check the weather with ease while listening to bomb-ass music that sounds ripped right out of a Japanese RPG soundtrack.A viral post made the rounds on Twitter this week showcasing a very “JRPG sounding” track from the Weather Channel. Don’t believe me? Listen to this storm alert track and tell me it doesn’t sound like a Final Fantasy song. As Motherboard’s senior Janus Rose so eloquently put it, “it’s giving Jenova.”Turns out, aside from playing instrumentals of famous songs like Sublime’s “What I’ve ...