Tuesday, January 31

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Minecraft Devs Canned Fireflies After Frog Fan Feedback

Image: Mojang / KotakuMinecraft’s next big update is called The Wild Update and it will add a ton of new nature-related content to the game. However, no fireflies! The glowing little buggers, which were planned to be the food supply for the newly added frogs, got cut from the planned update after Mojang received feedback from players that the insects were toxic to frogs. Whoops! Sure, Minecraft may not be a spring chicken anymore, but it’s still an extremely popular video game with millions of players and a shit ton of content added via dozens and dozens of free updates released over the last decade. And the next update, The Wild Update or the 1.19 update, is adding even more to the blocky survival game, including a new mangrove biome and ancient cities. And as with all Minecraft updates, ...