Monday, February 26

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Genshin Impact Art Stolen Via AI, Thief Claims To Be Artist

Image: HoYoverseI don’t think I’ve ever seen art theft quite like this before. Two days ago, a Genshin Impact fanartist was painting a new creation on Twitch. Before they could even finish the fanart and post it to Twitter, one of their viewers fed the work-in-progress into an AI generator and “completed” it first. After the artist posted their completed art, the art thief proceeded to demand credit from the original artist. “You posted like 5-6 hours after me, and for that kind of drawing, you can make it fast,” the swindler brazenly tweeted. “You took [a] reference [from] an AI image but at least admit it.”AT is a Korean-language anime artist who streams process videos on Twitch. On October 11, they painted Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact in front of a live audience. Then a Twitter use...