Monday, April 22

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Custom Initial D x Nike Dunk Sneakers Are Simply Beautiful

While the Dunk craze is surely reaching its saturation point—I was in Sydney earlier this week and it felt like 40% of kids were rocking Pandas—there’s always room for innovation and amazing design work on the decades-old shoe. It just doesn’t always have to come from Nike itself.Singapore’s Ng Poh Hian, aka Bob, is one of the world’s best sneaker customisers, taking official shoes and cutting them up, changing their colourways, and adding details to create his own sought-after releases.His label, No-Brainer*, has been dressing up (and dressing down) sneakers like the Air Force 1, Dunks, Blazers, Converse All-Stars and Vans sk8 (just to name a few) for years, but it’s his latest effort, a pair of Dunks based on the manga/anime series Initial D, that I want to look at today.Based entirely o...