Sunday, February 5

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Farmers Find Their Alpacas Provide as Much Entertainment as Fiber | Livestock News

NEW COLUMBIA, Pa. — Known for their luxurious fleece, alpacas are a fiber artist’s dream. Alpaca fiber is four to six times warmer than wool, as soft as cashmere, hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant. For Pam Rosado, 66, owner of Country Vale Alpacas, her herd of 12 alpacas was “meant to be.” Her alpaca venture came at a time when she and her husband, Paco, were looking for a sustainable use for their pastured land.Pam Rosado recalls the time she was selling her homemade wares at a craft show in 2015, when a woman approached her.“I was selling shawls that I crocheted, and a woman came up to me and told me that alpaca fiber was the best,” she said. ...