Monday, February 6

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HBO’s The Last Of Us Does Tess Dirty

Screenshot: HBO / KotakuThe following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of HBO’s The Last of Us series.HBO’s take on The Last of Us is generating a lot of discussion about how it’s adapting the source material. This conversation has some saying the show feels overly beholden to the PlayStation 3 game at times, while also noting that in other spots it takes some pretty notable swings, with reviews noting the changes to Bill and Frank’s storyline in an upcoming episode as a standout. But after episode two, “Infected,” I’m frankly astounded by how the show chose to portray Anna Torv’s Tess, a character who only appears for a short time in both the show and original game, but deserved a hell of a lot better than what HBO’s show gave her.In the game The Last of Us, Tess is shown to b...