Monday, November 28

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Culprits of 2019 attacks in Sri Lanka’s politics, police: Cardinal Ranjith

Culprits of 2019 attacks in Sri Lanka’s politics, police: Cardinal Ranjith

The perpetrators of the heinous 2019 Easter Sunday attacks have either integrated with the country's political fraternity or employed with the police force, Sri Lanka's Catholic Church Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has said, as he accused the previous governments of turning a blind eye to the country's worst act of terrorism. Cardinal Ranjith, while delivering a sermon at the festive mass held on Sunday to mark the annual feast of St. James Church in Mutuwal, urged the public to look at the fate of the rule of law within the country, news portal newsfirst.lanka reported. The Archbishop of Colombo hailed Sri Lanka a 'Dh...

Scott Morrison Video Game Makes Former PM Go To Centrelink

The people of Australia had a very good time over the weekend, as we resoundingly voted out a conservative government that had spent a decade doing...well, nothing really except put their boots to the throats of the poor, the young and anyone who thinks that a rapidly-warming planet might be a bad thing.I won’t bore you with the details of this—you can read more here if you’re interested—but the end result is that Scott Morrison, a man who once allegedly shit his pants in a McDonalds, is no longer the Prime Minister of Australia. While I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of fossil fuel companies, predatory investment funds and fascist-aligned media companies offering him a job in the years to come, in the meantime he’s off to Centrelink.Centelink is the government agency that is in theory su...