Friday, July 1

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Unreleased Footage Of Scarface 2 Game Leaks Online

Screenshot: Mafia Game Videos / Radical / KotakuRemember in 2006 when we got a Scarface game set after the ending of the classic ‘80s gangster flick? It was a weird setup, but the end result was a slightly clunky, yet kind of fun GTA-like open-world game. Apparently it did well enough that a sequel began development, but it was never finished. However, new footage from that canceled Scarface sequel has surfaced online, giving us a good look at the follow-up that never was. The newly released footage of this never released sequel, which was known as Scarface Empire, comes courtesy of YouTube channel Mafia Game Videos. The footage shows an early build of the game, showcasing the new Las Vegas setting, upgraded graphics, improved combat, and lots of swearing.Scarface 2 Gameplay Footage (2008)...

Yakuza Fan Is Fixing The PS2 Original’s Localization Mistakes

It’s easy to forget in 2022, now that it feels like we get a new or remastered Yakuza game every six months, that for a very long time the series was MIA from Western shores, in large part down to the disastrous decisions made by Sega for the original game’s release back in 2006.The whole point of the Yakuza series is that it’s Japanese as hell, from the convenience stores to the overwrought voice-acting, but for the series’ debut in North America and Europe Sega made the bizarre decision to essentially tilt the entire experience on its axis via its localisation.Voice actors like Michael Madsen, Mark Hamill and Eliza Dushku were brought in (at the expense of the Japanse audio track, which was cut entirely), the script’s tone was altered to be a bit more street and the whole vibe of the gam...

The PS2’s Jak & Daxter Is Being ‘Ported’ To The PC By Fans

Image: Naughty DogOver the past few years we’ve started seeing something beautiful happen: fans of classic console games are taking old code and creating native PC versions of games that never saw an official release. We’ve seen it with some Nintendo games, but now we’re seeing it with a PlayStation platformer as well.This isn’t porting in the multiplatform sense that we’re used to, nor is it emulation. This is recompiling the game’s entire codebase so that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, which was released on the PS2 on 2001, now runs as a native application on the PC. The project, which is now at around 80% done, is some incredible shit, because it turns out Jak And Daxter was “written in GOAL, a custom Lisp language developed by Naughty Dog”, which means the small team working on...

It’s Always A Good Time To Play JRPG Classic Persona 3 Portable

Image: Persona 3The increasing popularity of the Persona series in the West has been a wonderful if slow-burning thing to behold, ramping up over the last decade to the point where Persona 5 was a Very Big Video Game Release, and re-releases of older games are now headline news.So it’s easy finding people to talk to about Persona 5 , and to watch videos about it, and read articles about it. Same goes for Persona 4, which has now been ported enough times (I first played it on Vita!) that it’s in much the same space. Basically, when people talk about modern Persona games, they’re usually talking about those two games. Persona 3, a little less so, so in honour of our Backlog Month [Update: and it’s impending re-release] I want to talk about it tonight, and see if I can get it added to your li...