Monday, April 22

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Elon Musk Could Turn Twitter Into The Worst Pay-To-Win Game

Photo: Taylor Hill (Getty Images)Twitter, the social media site that has spawned one A24 movie and too many meltdowns to quantify, is tumbling into its next circle of hell with soon-to-be-implemented extensive monetization. With a new $8 a month subscription to Twitter Blue, which will roll out after the midterm elections, you can get a blue verification badge (and other features) without actually verifying your identity and be immediately banned for pretending to be someone else. New owner and CEO Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, whose comprehension of comedy dilutes to walking into Twitter headquarters carrying a sink and meekly going, “Hehehe! Let that sink in!” says that his reign and bid for revenue will not only legalize comedy, but it will also “democratize journalism” so...