Monday, November 28

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Powerful Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Recipes To Boost Your Stats

Image: The Pokémon CompanyYou know what really makes me hungry? Watching characters chomp on the air instead of floppy ham sandwiches in the bugged role-playing game Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Okay, so, the game has its mood-killing problems. But we’re at the head of holiday season—with turkey legs and pecan pies and all other kinds of garbage waiting in the oven, practicing for our stomachs—and we’re all thinking about food a little, especially Pokémon players hoping to use Scarlet and Violet’s stats-boosting sandwiches and Meal Powers to their advantage. But out of all the more complicated late-November questions, like how to talk to your family around a dinner table or how to spell “poinsettia” (I had to Google it), the only one I’m confident answering is how to fill all your Pokémon S...

GeoGuessr Pro Finds Where Fan Proposed To Wife 13 Years Later

Screenshot: Google Maps / RainboltThe map-oriented YouTuber Trevor Rainbolt, a self-described “magician” when it comes to pinpointing obscure locations in Google Maps-based browser game GeoGuessr, found a fan’s long-forgotten proposal site after 13 years. The fan had emailed Ludwig Ahgren, another popular YouTuber that makes gaming-related content, hoping he could ask Rainbolt to assist him with a planned trip. Rainbolt complied and made a brief video sharing exactly how he did it.“This man proposed to his wife 13 years ago,” he says in the video, “right here, but couldn’t remember where it was.” According to Rainbolt, the fan forgot the site of his engagement because a tornado derailed his original plan to propose at the base of Mount Fuji. That is typical tornado behavior.Not a problem—m...

A Scottish Cycle Lane Appears To Be Designed Like Paperboy

Image: Dave McCraw / Atari / Mobygames / KotakuThere’s a street in Edinburgh, Scotland, that offers a real-life version of Paperboy’s zigzag cycling routes, and I’m here to celebrate it for just that. As part of the city’s £207 million ($253m) project to run trams through the famous road, a new section of cycle lane has been put in, which, as a recently tweeted video shows, offers quite the forbidding challenge.While there has been ridicule of the Scottish cycle route since it was officially opened in April, it’s not until you see Dave McCraw’s video of the absolutely batshit design that you can truly appreciate the video game-like layout to the whole thing.There’s so much that’s so special in here. Like any good game, the lane doesn’t just have an excellent zig-zagging pattern to learn, b...

Videogame Atlas Is A Love Letter To Game Levels & Architecture

I love video games, I love architecture and I love fancy books about both, so the upcoming Videogame Atlas is something I am super interested in checking out when it releases.The book, which takes “influence from late-20th-century experimental architecture publications”, has been written by Luke Caspar Pearson and Sandra Youkhana (both architectural designers with a strong interest in video game worlds), and is described on its listing as:Through panoramic maps, intricate exploded diagrams and illustrations all prepared exclusively for this publication, Videogame Atlas presents wholly new perspectives on twelve popular videogame worlds. Taking influence from late-20th-century experimental architecture publications, this large-format book offers a playful yet detailed new way of seeing the...