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Stonkbros Are Angry Over Netflix’s GameStop Documentary Trailer

Image: Epic / Google / KotakuBack in January of 2021 GameStop’s stock price exploded as Reddit trolls went to war with old-school investors after the latter bet on the company failing. Reddit et al called their bluff, and well, it’s now the stuff of documentary films. Speaking of, Netflix just released a new trailer for its upcoming documentary about the wild “gamestonks” saga, and it’s made some of the trollish Redditors who were involved in all this very mad. So mad, they’re threatening to cancel their streaming subscriptions.Let’s rewind real quick to (briefly) explain what the hell happened back in January 2021.At the beginning of the year, GameStop’s stock was trading at under $20 a share, and the brick-and-mortar retail chain it was attached to was in desperate need of a Plan B. But ...
Top Legal Information Sites

Top Legal Information Sites

When looking for legal information, it is important to check the qualifications of websites and authors. Websites written by individuals should include their education and work experience. It is important to verify information provided, as the information on these websites might be written to influence public opinion or sell a product. It is also important to consider whether the viewpoint advocated is accurate, and whether the information is presented in the correct grammar and spelling. If you're unsure of legal terminology, you can also check the books at your local library. Law News Depot If you are looking for information on any legal topics, you've likely visited Law News Depot. It's a very well put together website. It has all types of legal info and news. They cove...