Thursday, December 8

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Father & ‘Adult Son’ Found Guilty Over 2018 Pokémon Go ‘Brawl’

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty Images)In June 2018 a brawl erupted in a park in St Louis that led to a victim suffering a “traumatic eye injury”. The fight was captured on video and led to two men being arrested on serious assault charges. Those men have finally been tried, with a court finding both guilty of felony third-degree assault.As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch report, the two men charged—75 year-old Robert Matteuzzi and his 35 year-old son Angelo Matteuzzi—were recorded in 2018 assaulting a man near a lake in Kirkwood Park, where they were seen “repeatedly punching the victim and holding the man down in the water”.Kirkwood Park is apparently a Pokémon Go hotspot, with locals constantly vying over the gym there, and it’s this conflict that sparked the brawl. Angelo had been trying to ...