Monday, December 4

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The Best Queer Games On Steam To Celebrate Pride Month

Screenshot: ConcernedApePride month has a political history—it originated from the the pivotal 1969 Stonewall riots, and queer people, especially those of color, fight daily for safety and equality. But June is a time for pure revelry too, something that includes video games. You’re in the best position to fill community needs while making sure you tend to and monitor your own, which could look like scheduling a long call with your supportive loved ones, heading to New York City’s Pride March this Sunday, or playing a few very gay games on Steam. Oh, would you look at that! This is a brief list of games on Steam with queer characters and themes, separated by useful categories like popularity and horny level. How convenient!While you play these games, which may tug at your heartstrings, del...