Saturday, November 26

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Third Issue Of A Profound Waste Of Time (APWOT) Up For Order

Image: APWOTIn 2016, the first issue of a magazine called A Profound Waste of Time was released. Marrying heartfelt essays on video games with beautiful art, it was great, and did well enough that five years later, a second edition was put together that was just as good. Now, another year on, it’s time for issue #3.Some of the highlights of this latest issue include:- Journalist and author Simon Parkin travels to Tokyo, Japan to speak with Fumito Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, The Last Guardian), exploring the themes and philosophies behind both his iconic games and his working practice.- Grace Curtis explores the history of early web games with a focus on Nitrome, a British independent games studio that started out making online browser games.- Rodney Greenblat (PaRappa the Rapper) is...