Monday, October 2

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Another Fallout London Modder Hired By Bethesda

Image: Kotaku / Bethesda / Folon TeamFallout: London looks great! It honestly could pass as a real, official expansion if you showed it to someone who had no idea it was a fan-created mod. And apparently the company behind Fallout, Bethesda, agrees that London looks marvelous because it keeps hiring up the ambitious mod’s developers.Word of the latest hire came yesterday, on the official Fallout: London Twitter account, when the people behind the project revealed that its lead technical adviser, Ryan Johnson, was leaving the much-hyped Fallout 4 mod’s team to start working for Bethesda. By itself this news is impressive and cool. That Bethesda has come knocking for talent is a testament to how promising the mod’s looking.The mod team said they were all “excited to see the worlds he can bui...