Monday, September 25

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New City-Building Game Urbek Is All About The Voxels And Biomes

Screenshot: Urbek City Builder / KotakuUrbek City Builder was released on Steam recently, and being a fan of just about any attempt at a city-building game, I was keen to check it out. What I found after playing for a few days was more surprising than I was expecting!Outside of efforts from big studios—like Cities: Skylines—modern attempts at city-builders tend to (or, to be more accurate, are forced to thanks to a lack of resources) keep things simple, focusing on specific stuff like transportation networks.At first glance (and for much of the way through its tutorial), Urbek seems more ambitious than this! It’s a city-builder, but you also need to plot out farms, and chop down trees, and mine for coal, and get factories built, which I know sounds like a lot when you throw in worrying abo...