Wednesday, February 1

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Scott Morrison Video Game Makes Former PM Go To Centrelink

The people of Australia had a very good time over the weekend, as we resoundingly voted out a conservative government that had spent a decade doing...well, nothing really except put their boots to the throats of the poor, the young and anyone who thinks that a rapidly-warming planet might be a bad thing.I won’t bore you with the details of this—you can read more here if you’re interested—but the end result is that Scott Morrison, a man who once allegedly shit his pants in a McDonalds, is no longer the Prime Minister of Australia. While I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of fossil fuel companies, predatory investment funds and fascist-aligned media companies offering him a job in the years to come, in the meantime he’s off to Centrelink.Centelink is the government agency that is in theory su...