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Fujitsu develops quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology to optimize solution brokering for customers : Fujitsu Global

New technology offers easier access to next-generation computing technologies to non-computing expertsFujitsu LimitedTokyo, November 8, 2022Fujitsu today announced the development of quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology to optimize workload selection for customers. The new AI-based software, which serves as a precursor to a future computer workload broker technology, automatically selects from different next-generation computing platforms (1) to offer the optimal solution to customers’ problems based on parameters including calculation time, calculation accuracy, and costs.The new technology leverages the power of Fujitsu’s world top-class 39-qubit quantum simulator and the "FUJITSU Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX 700," equipped with the same A64FX CPU that powers supercomputer Fugaku, combin...