Saturday, December 3

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2K Customer Data Stolen, Sold Online After Support Desk Scam

Screenshot: NBA 2K23Back in September, 2K suffered a data breach when hackers were somehow able to gain access to the company’s support desk, and in doing so impersonate official channels in order to get hold of people’s data. At the time the company wasn’t sure what, exactly, had been stolen, but it does now.Via VGC, an email was finally sent to those affected last week, saying that while there was “no indication that any of your financial information or password(s) held on our systems were compromised”, the thieves were able to get hold of “some personal data that was recorded about you when you contacted us for support, including your email address, helpdesk ID number, gamertag, and console details”.That data was subsequently put up for sale online, so 2K is urging everyone receiving th...