Wednesday, February 1

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True Elden Ring Lord Let Me Solo Her Kills Malenia 1K Times

“Rest now for all eternity, my Queen.”Screenshot: FromSoftware / Klein Tsuboi / KotakuWell, folks, he’s done it. Klein Tsuboi, the famed Elden Ring hero we’ve come to know as ‘Let Me Solo Her,’ has bodied one of the Lands Between’s hardest bosses more times than you or I ever could. In fact, LMSH took to YouTube on May 10 to livestream himself slaying the redheaded goddess Malenia, Blade of Miquella for the 1000th time to thousands of viewers. It’s a cool moment, one filled with adoration and praise from fans who have turned him into a celebrity.Tsuboi rose to prominence in r/EldenRing, the subreddit dedicated to FromSoftware’s latest Souls RPG, this past April. He became the Tarnished to watch after showcasing his skill in destroying Malenia, an optional boss many players often have troub...