Wednesday, February 1

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Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 Has Now Changed Its Very Bad Logo

When Street Fighter 6 was first unveiled earlier this year, one of the weirdest and most noteworthy things about its otherwise unremarkable trailer was the game’s logo. Which, as I said at the time, looked a lot like a piece of clipart.If you missed it, here is the Street Fighter 6 logo as it was shown off in February on the left, while on the right is a piece of clipart available commercially from Adobe for $80.Image: CapcomConsidering the series’ long and proud history with badass logos, this was a huge disappointment! I mean, look at these babies!Image: CapcomG/O Media may get a commission30-Day Free TrialHomer Learn & Grow ProgramStimulate your kids' mindsYour little ones are glued to the screen, and that's a reality we have to accept. But what if they could learn and grow while wa...