Tuesday, April 23

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Three Hopes Is A Great Sequel To Three Houses

Screenshot: Nintendo / KotakuDespite public cynicism about musou games, which seem like straightforward hack-and-slash fests against armies of faceless foes amid chaotic battlefields, I’ve long felt that this style of gameplay could bring out Fire Emblem’s best war-simulating potential. Two months ago, I wrote about how Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes could actually be very good. I played the demo over the weekend, and I’m happy to confirm that I’m right. While the early game has some hiccups, Three Hopes is the refreshing and original entry that this 32-year-old series sorely needed. Three Hopes’ main plot takes place in an alternative timeline of 2019’s Three Houses—the most recent game in the main series—but its gameplay builds off of Fire Emblem Warriors, the 2017 title that first cr...