Wednesday, February 1

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Indie Puzzler Baba Is You Gets Tax-Filing Spin-Off, Out Now

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Hempuli aka Arvi Teikari, the developer behind the adorably excellent push-puzzler Baba Is You. Well, Teikari is back with another game in the Baba-verse. This time, though, instead of pushing objects and altering the rules of reality, you are pushing tax papers in a short exercise of comedic relief. That’s right, the white little critter is doing their taxes in the aptly titled Baba Files Taxes.Read More: Baba Is You Is A Brilliant Puzzle GameThis new game, available for free on (Windows only), tasks you with helping the smol cat-dog thing get their taxes completed. There’s just one problem, though: the deadline to file is tonight! You’d better rush to get Baba’s paperwork done while there’s still time. What does this look like in practice...