Saturday, June 10

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NBA Star Klay Thompson Calls NBA 2K’s Marketing Guy A ‘Clown’

Photo: Clicks Images (Getty Images)Golden State Warriors guard—and I’ll get this out of the way now, my favourite player currently in the NBA—Klay Thompson was watching ESPN the other day, and did not like what he saw.In a segment on NBA Today, the hosts were interviewing a man who is legally known as Ronnie Singh. Singh, a long-time employee of 2K, used to be known simply as the “digital marketing director” for the NBA 2K series, but as those games have increased in popularity—and further entangled themselves in the worst excesses of influencer and brand culture—he’s now simply “Ronnie 2K”, the public face of the entire franchise. If there’s a statement to be made about the game, he makes it, if there’s an interview to be had, he’s the one on camera. The man has almost one million followe...

NBA Star Zion Williamson Says ‘80%’ Of Players Are Into Anime

Image: Slam DunkIn a recent article on GQ, New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson opens up about his love for Naruto, to the point where it ends up being the focal point for the entire feature.If you think I’m joking, only two paragraphs in we’re seeing stuff like:Williamson talks about Naruto with the same reverence with which other NBA players talk about the Bible—it brings comfort and clarity in equal parts. Over the course of this past year—an unusually tumultuous one in his otherwise starry career—Naruto was his north star.That “tumultuous” year is one in which Williamson was injured, couldn’t get better, put on loads of weight and constantly had his future in New Orleans (and in the league itself) questioned. It’s clear that Zion really loves Naruto, to the point where he turned u...