Sunday, January 29

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The Internet Kicks Toxic Jerk Andrew Tate Off Funniest Places

This is fine.Image: EA / CmrTV Music / KotakuAndrew Tate, a former kickboxer-turned-misogynistic-internet-guru-for-incels, was recently kicked off every major website you could think of for being a piece of shit. But his legacy now lives on as the butt of everyone’s memes.In case you’re not terminally online like the rest of us and are wondering why you’re hearing about this dumbass in a Kotaku article, allow me to explain. Despite claiming he’s not an “internet guy,” Tate rose to prominence because, among other things, his connection with Twitch streamers who helped platform him on their streams. Why would these streamers platform him? He’s good content. Not in the sense of being “good” but because having him on their streams helps farm the controversy machine, which in turn drove up enga...