Saturday, February 4

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17 Things To Know Before Playing

Illustration: ArkaneArkane Studio’s latest game is its biggest yet, with esoteric puzzles, cutthroat combat, and an entire loot system all wrapped around a repeating time loop. And with it now arriving on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus, a lot more people are likely to be leaping in. If you’re one of them and Deathloop seems overwhelming to you at first, well, that’s because it is.There’s no shortage of tutorials and hints thrown at you along the way, but it’s done in such a hectic fashion that I didn’t find them to be a ton of help in the moment. Hopefully this guide will help you find your footing on the island of Blackreef a little faster than I did. Here’s how to survive Deathloop and get the most out of it.How the loop works.Deathloop repeats the same day over and over. Time progr...