Friday, February 3

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The 10 Most JRPG-Ass Songs To Grace The Weather Channel

When there are patches of clouds in the sky and you can see the sun, it is not going to storm.Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / tomazl (Getty Images)Some might say the best way to predict the weather is to look out your window, but thanks to modern-day technology like The Weather Channel, we can check the weather with ease while listening to bomb-ass music that sounds ripped right out of a Japanese RPG soundtrack.A viral post made the rounds on Twitter this week showcasing a very “JRPG sounding” track from the Weather Channel. Don’t believe me? Listen to this storm alert track and tell me it doesn’t sound like a Final Fantasy song. As Motherboard’s senior Janus Rose so eloquently put it, “it’s giving Jenova.”Turns out, aside from playing instrumentals of famous songs like Sublime’s “What I’ve ...