Friday, June 2

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The Upcoming Hollywood Gran Turismo Movie Actually Has A Plot

Screenshot: Gran Turismo 7Gran Turismo is a video game series entirely devoid of character. That’s not a criticism, just a fact: it wants to be a glossy car brochure, not tell a story, and it’s an approach that has served the games well over the decades. Now that Hollywood is making a Gran Turismo movie, though, that could have been a problem.How do you tell a story about a video game series with no story outside of “methodically buy nicer cars over hundreds of hours”? In Gran Turismo’s case, you don’t look inside the game, you look at the culture and events surrounding it, which is a surprisingly clever move.For a long time now, developers Polyphony Digital have held very serious competitions—the GT Academy—where fans could play their games in competitive scenarios, and winners would then...