Thursday, February 9

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Vampire Survivors’ First Post-Release Patch Adds A Death Bridge

Screenshot: poncleVampire Survivors, 2022's break-out game—nay—genre, released its complete 1.0 edition just over a month ago, near the end of October. But if you were worried that meant developer poncle was done, put your worry back in its worry-case, close the lid, clip the clasps, and update your edition to the freshly released 1.10 version. Along with a few smaller details, the patch called The Tiny One adds a fascinating new Challenge Stage, and it’s a very narrow bridge.poncleThe Tiny Bridge Stage is unlocked by having reached level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower, and once opened, it provides the most ridiculous challenge: A single lane, in which you have to do some very specific ability tweaking to stand a chance of survival.Capturing that moment in the regular game when you realize you’...

Steam Breakout V Rising Is A Great Vampire-Themed Survival RPG

Image: Stunlock StudiosI have complicated feelings about the modern vampire story. Violence is cheap. Tasty humans are plentiful. And skyscrapers provide ample shelter from the sun. The sanctity of human life doesn’t mean much to creatures that will kill people over a simple meal. It can feel powerful to be so far removed from the life-or-death considerations of mere mortals, but such settings can also feel deeply alienating. Thankfully, the new survival game V Rising resolves my main gripe with properties like Vampire: The Masquerade– that the creatures of the night, the so-called underdogs, are too powerful. In order to be an oppressed minority, the player must struggle, and in V Rising, you most certainly do. The base-building survival game does not hold back in trying to kill you via e...