Friday, June 9

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Elden Ring Just Got A Huge Update That Nerfs Bloodhound Step

Screenshot: FromSoftwareIt’s been a while since Elden Ring saw any love, but patch 1.06 is here. There’s not much in the way of new additions, though notably the update means you can now do co-op or invasions in multiple places at once in addition to having larger invasion area. There’s also a new mysterious NPC who is supposed to help you advance Varre’s questline without wading into multiplayer at all, though in typical FromSoftware fashion no word on where to find this useful fellow. Still, the update is an enormous one, at least when it comes to gameplay tweaks.The much-reviled Bloodhound Step, an Ash of War which allows you to dodge attacks at high speeds while becoming invisible, has been tuned down so that the more you use it, the less effective it is. Bloodhound Step does also go f...