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Guy Gets Saved From Being Fired Over Gaming In The Best Way

Photo: Alberto Ortega/Europa Press (Getty Images)The union-oriented Twitter account Daily Union Elections asked the world in a recent tweet, “Union folks, what is the best grievance/[Unfair Labor Practice] that you’ve ever won?” And the world responded in kind. As a proud union girl myself, I thought a few stories stood out, but one came up above the rest—a worker accused of gaming on the job, saved because his work computer’s graphics card was too weak.“A member was accused of playing video games on his work computer,” union organizing director Erik Strobl said. “I got him cleared by proving conclusively that the employer-provided graphics card couldn’t handle the resource-hungry game his supervisor claimed to have seen.”“If you’re being accused of being a gamer, solve the problem like a ...

Pro Gaming Champ Says He Peed In Bottle During $205K Tourney

Image: ValveWhen you gotta go, you really gotta go. I just wish that esports tournaments felt the same about letting their competitors use the toilet. Pro player Oliver “Skiter” Lepko peed in a bottle during an ongoing DOTA 2 tournament, citing the organizers’ rules against going to the toilet during a match. Here’s a photograph of the pee bottle for your…uhhh, enjoyment?DPC 2023 WEU Winter Tour Division 1 is a DOTA 2 tournament organized by the Romanian esports company PGL. Eight European teams compete against each other from January 9 to 29 for a prize pool of $200,000. But that’s not what you’re interested in. You want to know why a professional gamer was peeing in a bottle like he’s an Amazon delivery driver. Lepko told Jake Lucky that he would have incurred a level 2 draft penalty (wh...

Rooster Teeth Limits Content After Workers Call Out Abuse

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris for WarnerMedia (Getty Images)Earlier this week, former employees of gaming content empire Rooster Teeth accused the company of underpaying them, overworking them, and using racist and homophobic language against them, among many other things. Now, Rooster Teeth addresses the allegations with a declaration that it would be cutting down on content…for just this week.Read More: Former Rooster Teeth Director Says She Was Underpaid And Called SlursRooster Teeth is a gaming-focused production company that’s been around since 2003. It’s racked up so many different types of allegations that in 2020, a community member created a spreadsheet just to organize sexual misconduct claims. The current deluge of allegations, which included descriptions of on-the-job injuries tha...

Corsair Apologizes After Rep Calls Review Comments ‘Bullshit’

Screenshot: YouTubeCorsair has publicly apologised after a “member of staff” was found last week to have called sections of reviews of the latest RTX 4090 graphics card—reviews made by both Gamers Nexus and Guru3D—“total bullshit.”The drama arose last week when the hugely-popular hardware channel Gamers Nexus posted a review (and some benchmarks) of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Founders Edition. In that video, they say plugging in only three of the card’s four cables (in case your PSU for whatever reason only had room for three 8-pin connections) would lock you to 100% performance, and that only by plugging in all four would you be allowed to overclock the card. Guru3D’s review says much the same thing. Not long after, Discord comments left by a Corsair staffer went viral. They called both ...

Twitch Isn’t ‘Fulfilling’ Anymore, Will Stream Less

Screenshot: Pokimane / YouTubeAfter a more than one-month-long (and seemingly healthy) break from social media and content creation, Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys has returned to uploading content. But things will be different now. Pokimane dropped a new YouTube video today detailing her time away from the internet, talking about what she learned and what her viewers can expect from her going forward. Overall, it serves to illustrate how “creatively unfulfilling” Twitch’s second-biggest female broadcaster has found the business of livestreaming as of late.Pokimane has become a household name on Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming platform. With 9.2 million followers there, Pokimane is second only to Amouranth. However, she’s been broadcasting herself playing games for almost a decad...