Thursday, February 9

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Carolyn Petit’s Top 5 Games Of 2022

Photoshop is my true Elden Ring, and I haven’t gotten gud yet.Image: FromSoftware / KotakuIn recent years, it’s become harder and harder for me to make the kinds of in-depth, year-end personal best lists that I once prided myself on. That newfound difficulty is for one reason: I’m not playing as many games. This year, there are so many games I either didn’t play at all or didn’t spend enough time with that may have earned a place on this list if only I’d given them more of a chance. Those games include (but are not limited to) Perfect Tides, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Pentiment, Citizen Sleeper, and Norco. I’m sorry I didn’t make time for you this year. I’m sure some of you, at least, are great.So I’m keeping this year’s list to a tight five, acknowledging that it might have looked very diffe...

Big GTA VI Leak Shows How Blockbuster Video Games Are Made

Last night a ton of videos leaked online that are likely from Grand Theft Auto VI, a video game currently in development and probably years away from release. The footage is rough, in many instances using little more than placeholder assets, and it is both the most remarkable and most normal thing you’ll see this week.It’s remarkable, of course, because of the scale of the leaks. This is one of the biggest video games series on the planet. Rockstar are notoriously secretive. To get any kind of credible leak out of a Rockstar game development studio is rare; to get footage like this is unprecedented. Yet it’s also normal because this is what a video game in development looks like. It’s supposed to be rough, because it’s not finished. Comparing the “game” in this footage to the finished prod...