Friday, February 3

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The Concept Art Behind The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power

Image: AmazonWhile Amazon’s big Lord of the Rings show probably wasn’t the success anyone involved in bankrolling or promoting it might have been hoping for, there was still some good stuff there, and one of the big things that I wanted to focus on for this post was the work that went into designing its world.While we’ve seen Middle Earth a bunch of times on the screen, from 70s cartoons to Peter Jackson’s six films, there were a bunch of places in this prequel series that we’d only ever heard of. From the island kingdom of Numenor to the Southlands to the Harfoot’s travelling village, the team of artists—headed by Rick Heinrichs and Ramsey Avery—working on Rings of Power were tasked with taking a world we thought we knew and showing us, well, you haven’t seen all of it, or at least not wh...

Rings Of Power’s Credits Sequence Explained

Screenshot: AmazonIf you’ve been watching The Lord of the Rings: Rings Of Power, you’ll have sat through a few episodes by now, and will have seen the show’s surprisingly sedated intro sequence. If like me you’ve been wondering just what exactly is the deal with all those shapes, and all that bouncing sand, it turns out there’s a very in-universe explanation for it. Game designer Alexander King was wondering the same thing recently before it hit him: the shapes being formed weren’t sigils, or crests, they were Chladni figures, named for German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni. Basically, these are shapes that are formed by something light (like sand) when sound resonates through them on a flat surface.After his twitter thread blew up, the creative director of the team responsible for t...