Tuesday, January 31

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EA And DICE’s Battlefield Series Of Games Is Now 20 Years Old

Screenshot: Saving Private RyanOn September 10, 2002, publishers Electronic Arts and a relatively unknown developed called DICE released a multiplayer shooter called Battlefield 1942. In the 20 years since everyone involved has been on one hell of a ride.The game, which not only featured infantry but also allowed players to control vehicles, was notable for its scale and variety; I avoid pretty much every other online shooter—I’m talking Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, which are infantry-only—like the plague, but have always played Battlefield because I love the way it lets me spawn in as a sniper, get killed then figure, you know what, I’ll drive a tank next, and maybe pilot a fighter after that. battlefield 1942 introIn the 20 years since, the series has changed a lot. Playercounts have...